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Extractable Nuclear Antibodies Sm and RNP
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Order Code:
Smith Antibody Anti-SmRNP
Anti-Sm (Smith) RNP Antibody
SmRNP Antibody U1RNP Antibody
Sm (Smith) Antibody ENA 3 Antibody Panel
Anti-RNP (Ribonucleoprotein)
SST tube
Normal Volume:
0.5 mL serum
Minimum Volume:
0.25 mL serum
Offsite Collection
Collect specimen in SST tube. Centrifuge, aliquot serum into a plastic vial and refrigerate.
Onsite Collection (UMHS Hospitals Only)
Collect specimen in SST tube.
Days Set Up:
Monday - Friday
Analytic Time:
1 day
Reference Range:
Test Usage:
Antibodies to the Sm antigen represent a highly specific marker for SLE, but only occur in 25 - 35% of patients with the disease. Antibodies to RNP occur in 30 - 40% of patients with SLE, but are not specific for SLE. Antibodies to RNP are present in nearly all patients with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD), and are specific for this disorder when all other antibodies are negative. The Sm and RNP antigens are closely associated, part of a protein and small nuclear RNA complex. The Bioplex 2200 ANA screen test system has beads coated with affinity purified Sm, with recombinant antigens RNP-68 and RNP-A, and a separate bead coated with Sm/RNP combined purified antigen.
Test Methodology:
Multiplex Flow Immunoassay
Additional Information:
Panel includes Smith (Sm) Antibody, SmRNP Antibody, and RNP Antibody. Smith and RNP Antibodies may also be ordered individually.
Z260-0 SMRN, 31627-3 SMITH, 31628-1 SMRNP, 8091-1 RNP
CPT Code
86235 x3
Inpatient Fee Code
20571 SMRN, 30932 RNP, 30933 SMITH
Outpatient Fee Code
20571 SMRN, 30932 RNP, 30933 SMITH
MLabs Fee Code
20571 SMRN, 30932 RNP, 30933 SMITH
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