The University of Michigan
Pathology Department Policy Guide
Professional Training
Policy Number:208
Last Revision:12-9-2010
Last Revisor:lblythe
Date Issued:12-9-2010

Training of individuals who are employed at other institutions.

Professional training is defined as training received from a designated faculty or staff member for non-academic service activities.

Training is projected to be short term (2 months or less).


Individuals who are employed at academic institutions and are seeking training for non-academic service activities, can receive training at no cost. 

Individuals who are employed at "for profit" institutions or corporations, will be charged as indicated below.

Approval is required from the Division Director and the Chair.


Once approval has been received from the Division Director and the Chair, the following charges will apply for individuals from "for profit" institutions:

One week or less:
Daily charge of $500 for M.D./Ph.D. visitors
Daily charge of $300 for non-M.D. or Ph.D. visitors

One month or longer:
Monthly charge of $5,000 for M.D. visitors
Monthly charge of $3,000 for Ph.D. visitors

Technical staff:
$100 daily charge