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Cutting Manual


Modified 03/20/02 by J. Greenson

goals for house officers



By the end of the second year, house officers will have completed surgical pathology training at both the VA and University Hospital.  It is expected that they will have mastered the following:


            Gross dissection and description of all types of surgical pathology specimens


            Performing frozen sections


            Photography of specimens


Competence in the correct technique for preparation of blocks for routine study, electron microscopy, decalcification, and immunohistochemistry


Knowledge of general histology and basic lesions in surgical pathology.  This would include most of the standard lesions encountered in Room II such as inflammatory gastrointestinal disease, HPV-related lesions of the gynecologic tract, and basic endometrial pathology.  In addition, house officers should be able to recognize obvious cases of malignancies of all types and basic patterns of inflammation.


During the third and fourth years, house officers should be able to function in a semi-autonomous fashion requiring little supervision from others.  In addition they are expected:


To be capable of supervision of more junior house officers


To clearly know the limits of their knowledge and the times when they require second opinions and help from others


To acquire the ability to make subtle pathologic distinctions (e.g. florid hyperplasia from carcinoma in situ of breast)


Take initiative in working up cases, seeking out references, and formulating ideas for small research projects and case reports.




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