Faculty and Staff

Faculty List

Pathology Faculty

Abrams, Gerald D (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Cardiac Pathology
Andea, Aleodor A (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Dermatopathology Molecular Research Laboratory; Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship
Andjelkovic-Zochowski, Anuska V (Profile)
Associate Professor, Neurology/Neuropathology
Annesley, Thomas M (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Chemical Pathology
Appelman, Henry D (Profile)
Professor, M.R. Abell Professor of Surgical Pathology; Director, GI Pathology Fellowship
Asangani, Irfan A (Profile)
Research Investigator, Cancer Biology
Bachman, Michael A (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Microbiology
Bailey, Nathanael G (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Hematopathology
Balis, Ulysses G (Profile)
Professor, Director, Division of Informatics; Director, Informatics Fellowship
Basrur, Venkatesha (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Molecular Pathology
Berend, Sue Ann (Profile)
Visiting Clinical Lecturer, Cytogenetics
Betz, Bryan L (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Technical Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
Bieliauskas, Shannon L (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Veteran's Administration Hospital
Blaivas, Mila (Profile)
Emeritus Associate Professor, Neuropathology
Boyer, Daniel F (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Hematopathology
Brazil, Jennifer (Profile)
Research Investigator, Gastrointestinal Pathology
Brown, Noah (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Molecular Pathology
Camelo-Piragua, Sandra (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Neuropathology
Carson, William F (Profile)
Research Investigator, Lung Immunopathology
Chamberlain, Priscilla R (Profile)
Clinical Instructor, Veteran's Administration Hospital
Chan, May P (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Dermatopathology
Chensue, Stephen W (Profile)
Professor, Director, Veteran's Administration Hospital Laboratories
Chinnaiyan, Arul M (Profile)
Professor, S.P. Hicks Endowed Professor, Professor, Department of Urology ; Director, Michigan Center for Translational Pathology; Investigator, HHMI
Chiu, Bo (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, General Pathology
Cho, Kathleen R (Profile)
Professor, Peter A. Ward Professor of Pathology; Professor of Internal Medicine; Director, Gynecologic Pathology Fellowship
Choi, Karen (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Surgical Pathology
Cierpicki, Tomasz (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Genomics
Connett, Judith M (Profile)
Assistant Professor, General Pathology
Cooling, Laura L (Profile)
Associate Professor, Associate Director, Blood Bank and Transfusion Services
D'Amato, Constance J (Profile)
Emeritus Assistant Professor, Neuropathology
D'Silva, Nisha J (Profile)
Associate Professor, Donald A Kerr Endowed Collegiate Professor of Oral Pathology; Assoc Prof of Dentistry, Department of Oral Medicine/Pathology and Oncology
Davenport, Robertson D (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Blood Bank and Transfusion Service; Director, Blood Bank Fellowship
Dhanasekaran, Saravana Mohan M (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, General Pathology
Diaz, Francisco J (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Wayne County Medical Examiner
Dou, Yali (Profile)
Associate Professor, Epigenetics, Gene Expression and Neoplasia
Dressler, Gregory R (Profile)
Professor, Collegiate Professor in Pathology Research
Duckett, Colin S (Profile)
Professor, Professor, Internal Medicine/Molecular Medicine; Director of Program Development, NCRC, Medical School
Elner, Victor M (Profile)
Professor, Ravitz Foundation Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences; Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Fan, Shuling (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Mucosal Inflammation
Farkash, Evan A (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Renal Pathology
Fearon, Eric R (Profile)
Professor, Emanuel N Maisel Professor of Oncology; Professor of Internal Medicine and Human Genetics
Ferguson, David O (Profile)
Associate Professor, Molecular Diagnostics
Fernandez-Salas, Ester (Profile)
Associate Research Scientist,
Figueroa, Maria E (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Epigenetics, Gene Expression and Neoplasia
Finn, William G (Profile)
Adjunct Professor, Hematopathology
Fligiel, Suzanne E (Profile)
Associate Professor, Veteran's Administration Hospital
Flint, Andrew (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Surgical Pathology
Frederiksen, John K (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Hematopathology
Friedman, Bruce A (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Informatics
Fullen, Douglas R (Profile)
Professor, Director, Dermatopathology
Galban, Stefanie (Profile)
Research Assistant Professor, Cytogenetics
Garcia, Gonzalo G (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Genetics and Aging
Garratt, Michael (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Genetics and Aging
Giacherio, Donald A (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Clinical Chemistry
Giordano, Thomas J (Profile)
Professor, Director, Tissue and Molecular Pathology Core; Director, GI Spore Biosample Core; Director, Molecular Pathology Research Laboratory
Glover, Thomas W (Profile)
Professor, Professor, Human Genetics and Pediatrics
Gordon, David (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Dean, School of Health Professions and Studies, The University of Michigan-Flint
Greenson, Joel K (Profile)
Professor, Gastrointestinal Pathology
Grembecka, Jolanta (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Proteomics and Small Molecule
Guo, Renfeng (Profile)
Adjunct Research Associate Professor, General Pathology
Gupta, Avneesh (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Wayne County Medical Examiner
Harms, Paul W (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Dermatopathology
Heider, Amer (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Pathology
Hess, Jay L (Profile)
Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Hilgarth, Roland (Profile)
Research Investigator, Molecular Pathology
Hlavaty, Leigh A (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Wayne County Medical Examiner
Hodgin, Jeffrey B (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Renal Pathology
Hogaboam, Cory M (Profile)
Adjunct Professor, Immunology/Inflammation
Hristov, Alexandra C (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Dermatopathology
Hu, Biao (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Lung Immunopathology
Hudson, Jeffrey S (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Forensic Pathology
Inohara, Naohiro (Profile)
Associate Professor, Immunology/Inflammation
Jentzen, Jeffrey M (Profile)
Professor, Director, Autopsy and Forensic Services
Jeruss, Jacqueline S (Profile)
Associate Professor, Breast Pathology
Jing, Xin (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Cytopathology Fellowship Program
Johnson, Kent J (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Renal Pathology
Jorns, Julie M (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Director, Breast Pathology Fellowship
Keller, Evan T (Profile)
Professor, Professor
Keren, David F (Profile)
Professor, Director, Division of Clinical Pathology
Kesha, Kilak (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Wayne County Medical Examiner
Killen, Paul D (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Kleer, Celina G (Profile)
Professor, Harold A. Oberman Collegiate Professor of Pathology
Konopka, Kristine E (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Asst Professor - Thoracic
Kumar, Chandan (Profile)
Research Assistant Professor, Cancer Biology
Kunju, Lakshmi P (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Genitourinary Pathology; Director, Genitourinary Pathology Fellowship
Kunkel, Steven L (Profile)
Professor, Endowed Professor in Pathology Research; Senior Associate Dean for Research
Lagstein, Amir (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Pulmonary Pathology
Lawlor, Elizabeth R (Profile)
Associate Professor, Russell G. Adderly Professor of Pediatric Oncology; Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Lew, Madelyn (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor
Li, Xinna (Profile)
Research Investigator, Genetics and Aging
Lieberman, Richard W (Profile)
Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Lieberman, Andrew P (Profile)
Professor, Gerald D. Abrams Professor; Director, Neuropathology; Director, Neuropathology Fellowship
Liu, Yifan (Profile)
Research Assistant Professor, Reasearch Assistant Professor
Liu, Tianju (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Lung Immunopathology
Loesch, David M (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor
Lombard, David B (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Gerontology
Lowe, Lori (Profile)
Professor, Professor, Department of Dermatology
Lucas, David R (Profile)
Professor, Director, Surgical Pathology; Director, Surgical Pathology Fellowship
Lukacs, Nicholas W (Profile)
Professor, Godfrey D. Stobbe Professor; Assistant Dean for Research Faculty
Malik, Rohit (Profile)
Research Investigator, Non-Coding RNAs
McCauley, Laurie K (Profile)
Professor, William K. and Mary Anne Najjar Professor of Periodontics, School of Dentistry
McDaniel, Andrew S (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Genitourinary Pathology
McHugh, Jonathan B (Profile)
Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Oral Surgery; Director, Immunohistochemistry Laboratory; Director, M4 Clerkship Program
McKeever, Paul E (Profile)
Professor, Neuropathology
McKenna, Barbara J (Profile)
Professor, Godfrey D. Stobbe Professor in Pathology Education; Director, Division of Education Programs; Director, Residency Training Program
Mehra, Rohit (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Genitourinary Pathology
Miller, Richard A (Profile)
Professor, Genetics and Aging
Muntean, Andrew G (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Hematopoiesis and Leukemia
Murphy, Hedwig S (Profile)
Associate Professor, Veteran's Administration Hospital
Myers, Jeffrey L (Profile)
Professor, A. James French Professor; Director, Divisions of Anatomic Pathology and MLabs; Director, Pulmonary Pathology Fellowship
Naylor, Bernard (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Cytopathology
Nesvizhskii, Alexey I (Profile)
Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
Newton, Duane W (Profile)
Associate Professor, Associate Director, Division of Clinical Pathology, Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratory ; Chair, Service Excellence Committee; Associate Professor, School of Public Health
Nikolovska-Coleska, Zaneta (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Director, Pathology Graduate Program
Njiwaji, Chantel (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Wayne County Medical Examiner
Nunez, Gabriel (Profile)
Professor, Paul de Kruif Professor
Nusrat, Asma (Profile)
Professor, Director of Experimental Pathology
Owens, Scott R (Profile)
Associate Professor, Medical Director of Professional Practice Evaluation ; Associate Director, Residency Training Program
Palanisamy, Nallasivam (Profile)
Associate Professor, Molecular Cancer Cytogenetics and Genomics
Pang, Judy C (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Breast Pathology
Park, Jeongsoon (Profile)
Research Investigator, Gerontology
Parkos, Chuck A (Profile)
Professor, Carl V. Weller Professor and Chair
Patel, Rajiv M (Profile)
Associate Professor, Dermatopathology and Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology
Peebles, Patricia N (Profile)
Visiting Clinical Lecturer, Cytogenetics
Penny, Robert J (Profile)
Adjunct Associate Professor, CEO, Paradigm Diagnostics
Phan, Sem H (Profile)
Professor, Immunology/Inflammation
Pipe, Steven W (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Coagulation Laboratory; Laurence A. Boxer, MD Research Professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases
Rabah, Raja (Profile)
Professor, Director, Pediatric Pathology; Director, Pediatric Pathology Fellowship
Rajendiran, Thekkelnaycke (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Bioinformatics
Ramon, Daniel (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Director, HLA Tissue Typing
Ramsburgh, Stephen R (Profile)
Emeritus Assistant Professor, Surgical Pathology
Rao, Rajesh (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences; Assistant Professor of Pathology, Medical School
Rasche, Rodolfo F (Profile)
Emeritus Assistant Professor, Cytopathology
Rhodes, Daniel R (Profile)
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics
Robinson, Dan R (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Molecular Pathology
Roh, Michael H (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Divison of Cytopathology
Ross, Charles W (Profile)
Associate Professor, Hematopathology
Roulston, Diane (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Cytogenetics
Rual, Jean-Francois (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Cancer Biology
Rungta, Shilpa (Profile)
Assistant Professor, VA
Schaller, Matthew A (Profile)
Research Investigator, Lung Immunopathology
Schmidt, Carl J (Profile)
Associate Professor, Wayne County Medical Examiner
Schnitzer, Bertram (Profile)
Emeritus Professor, Hematopathology
Schroeder, Lee F (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Chemical Pathology
Sciallis, Andrew P (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Gynecologic Pathology
Shao, Lina (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Assistant Director, Cytogenetics
Shi, Jiaqi (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Gastrointestinal Pathology
Silverman, Eugene M (Profile)
Emeritus Associate Professor, General Pathology
Simson, Laurence R (Profile)
Visiting Clinical Lecturer, Forensic Pathology
Smith, Lauren B (Profile)
Associate Professor, Director, Hematopathology Fellowship
Stamatovic, Svetlana (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, General Pathology
Stoolman, Lloyd M (Profile)
Professor, Director, Flow Cytometry
Sung, Lok Man (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Wayne County Medical Examiner
Thomas, Dafydd (Profile)
Associate Research Scientist, Molecular Pathology
Tomlins, Scott A (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Genitourinary Pathology
Utiger, Cheryl A (Profile)
Clinical Lecturer, Veteran's Administration Hospital
Varambally, Sooryanarayana (Profile)
Research Associate Professor, Cancer Biology
Varani, James (Profile)
Professor, Immunology/Inflammation
Venneti, Sriram (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Neuropathology
Wang, Xiaoju (George) (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Cancer Biology
Ward, Peter A (Profile)
Professor, Godfrey D. Stobbe Professor
Warren, Jeffrey S (Profile)
Professor, Aldred S. Warthin Professor; Director, Division of Clinical Pathology
Wilson, Allecia M (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Pathology
Wilson, Thomas E (Profile)
Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Human Genetics; Associate Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
Wu, Angela (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Genitourinary Pathology
Wu, Rong (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Gynecologic Pathology
Wu, Wu (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Cancer Biology
Yamada, Chisa (Profile)
Assistant Professor, Assistant Director, Blood Bank and Transfusion Services
Zhai, Yali (Profile)
Assistant Research Scientist, Gynecologic Pathology