Chemical Pathology
MiChart Code:
Oxycodone, Urine
Soft Order Code:
Roxicodone, Urine Percocet, Urine
Percodan, Urine OxyContin, Urine
Plastic urine container
Normal Volume:
5 mL urine
Minimum Volume:
1 mL urine
Offsite Collection:
Collect random urine specimen. Refrigerate.
Onsite Collection (Michigan Medicine Hospitals Only):
Collect random urine specimen.
Days Set Up:
Daily, 24 hrs
Analytic Time:
1 hour
Reference Range:
*Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.
Threshold cut off level: 100 ng/mL.
Test Usage:
Qualitative screening for Oxycodone (Percodan, Percocet, Roxicodone, OxyContin) and metabolites in urine. This assay does not detect Oxymorphone (Opana). The sensitivity detection level of this test is considerably higher than that of the standard opiate test; this assay should be used when Oxycodone use is suspected.
Test Limitations:
The presence of hydrocodone in a urine sample can cause a false positive test result in the urine oxycodone screening test. Positive immunoassay results should be considered presumptive. Positive immunoassay results will be confirmed by GC/MS if requested by the client.
Test Methodology:
Competitive Binding Immunoassay
Additional Information:
Oxycodone screen (OXYC) and qualitative confirmation (GCMS) performed by Drug Analysis and Toxicology Laboratory. Quantitative Oxycodone Confirmation is sent to Warde Medical Laboratory. Quantitative Oxymorphone Confirmation is sent to Mayo Medical Laboratories.
CPT Code:
Fee Code:
Specimen Retention:
Minimum 72 hours
Test ID: