Pathology Slide Scanning Service

I use a Macintosh computer.  What about me?

On-campus Mac users have reported success interacting with eSlide Manager via Safari.  However, Mac users will find that clicking images in eSlide Manager will launch an alternate program called "WebScope."  WebScope may not have all of the same functionality as ImageScope.

At this time there is not a Macintosh-compatible version of ImageScope software available. Some researchers have reported success with "QuPath." I have not had personal experience with it; email me and I may be able to direct you to investigators who have tried it.

Leica does make an iPhone and iPad app available through the Apple App Store called ePath.  It is free. Unfortunately this app is not found when doing a search of the App Store from a MacBook, even one with a version as recent as OS X Yosemite, v. 10.10.1, suggesting that this app is limited to use on iOS devices.

The Service will continue to investigate Mac compatibility and workarounds for scanned image files.  Users of the service are encouraged to contact us to report their experiences, suggest solutions, and to request assistance in individual cases.