Pathology Slide Scanning Service

Our principal instrument is a Leica Biosystems AT2, acquired in 2013.  Technical specifications for this instrument can be found here. The AT2 can scan either 1x3 inch or 2x3 inch microscope slides.  It has a rotating auto-feed drum which can accommodate up to 400 slides at a time.  It has a single 20x objective lens; 40x magnification is achieved through use of a 2x "doubler" optical magnification changer.  Scanning one slide at 40x (400x total magnification) typically takes 2 to 10 minutes after operator-dependent designation of the scan area, setting background subtraction, and placing local focus points.

We also have an Aperio ScanScope XT as a backup instrument. A 2011 model, it represents a previous generation of technology compared to the AT2. It has a halogen light source and performs scans at approximately half the speed of the AT2.