Point of Care

Contact Information

Point of Care(POC) Hotline:  734-936-6754

Main Medical Campus (Onsite):

Onsite POC e-mail

Denise Twarkowski, Supervisor On-Site Point of Care - 734-936-6754
Sue Stern, Chief Technologist, Clinical Chemistry- 734-936-6720
Lee Schroeder, MD, PhD. Director Point of Care Services- 734-936-6718

POC Afterhours/Critical Incident Pager- 32165

If you are unable to get a response from someone in POC, please contact the Chemistry Lab

Main Chemistry Lab: 734-936-6702

Satellite Locations (Offsite): 

Phlebotomy Webpage

Offsite POC e-mail 

Karen Barron  MT(ASCP), CHC, Administrative Manager Intermediate Healthcare – 734-647-7539

Andrew Szczembara, BS, C (ASCP)CM – 734-647-7497

Ann Postiff, BS, MT (ASCP), Allied Health Intermediate Supervisor – 810-494-2630

*Brighton Health Center
*West Ann Arbor Health Center

*Saline Health Center

*Dexter Family Practice

Jafar Naderi, PhD, Allied Health Intermediate Supervisor – 248-305-4632

*Livonia Health Center
*Northville Health Center

*Canton Health Center

Cindy Stutzman, MLT, Allied Health Intermediate Supervisor – 734-433-3115

*Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults
*Briarwood Family Practice

*Briarwood Medical Group
*Chelsea Family Practice