Aperio has created an app (ePathViewer) that will allow you to view whole images slides on your iPhone or iPad (currently no viewer for Android devices). This free app allows you to connect to any website that hosts virtual slide images and view them anywere. The interface allows intuitive finger swiping and pinching to quickly pan and zoom a virtual image on Apple mobile devices.

Download Links

Click the following links while on your mobile device to download ePathViewer

Click here to download for iPhone

Click here to download for iPad

Instructions for connecting to UofM Virtual Slide Box

Click '+' for visual aid (
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1. Open ePathViewer and click the 'Add Site' button in the lower left
2. Enter the following URL ( in the address bar (top), tap the '+' button
3. Input a name for the site (eg. UM Virtual Slide Box) in the 'Save as...' box and tap 'Save'
4. The 'UM Virtual Slide Box' link should now be added to the 'Websites' list at the left