Tomlins Lab

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Welcome to the Tomlins Lab!

Scott is an active member of the diagnostic Genitourinary Pathology service and perform translational research on incorporating protein, DNA and RNA based assays into clinical practice.

Research in the Tomlins lab utilizes integrative high-throughput approaches, including next generation sequencing, to molecularly profile genitourinary malignancies, including clinical subtyping of prostate cancer, as well as bladder and adrenocortical carcinoma.

In addition to molecular classification, projects to functionally validate intriguing candidates from our studies and other large scale cancer sequencing projects are ongoing.

The laboratory is equipped with an Ion Torrent PGM and Proton Sequencer for next generation sequencing. The ABI QuantStudio 12K flex system is used for high throughput gene expression analysis.

A variety of projects are presently available for interested Students, Residents, Fellows and Post-Doctoral Fellows. Those interested should contact contact Scott directly (tomlinss"at"