Spermatocele/Hydrocele Specimens



A spermatocele is a cystic structure found at the rete testis or head of the epididymis.  It contains a milky fluid with spermatozoa.  A Hydrocele is a fluid filled sac surrounding the testicle.  It sometimes occurs as a result of trauma to the scrotum.  Both structures usually present with discomfort.



  • Weigh (if intact) and measure the specimen.
  • If the specimen is intact, describe the fluid inside the structure- is it cloudy? milky? clear? purulent? watery?
  • Describe the lining of the specimen- is it smooth? wrinkled?  thickened? have papillations?


Sections for Histology

  • 1 cassette of the tissue.
  • Sample anything that looks like a papillation or is thickened or otherwise abnormal (using extra cassettes if necessary).


Sample Dictation


Labeled " Spermatocele "  received in formalin in a medium container is a 35 gm. unilocular cystic structure, 15 x 12 x 3 cm.  Upon opening, the cyst is filled with a milky serous fluid.  The lining is pink-grey and smooth without papillations.  The wall is 0.1 cm. thick.

1 A spermatocele 4 ss.




Modified February 2009