Photograph and ink surgical margins.  X-ray the specimen if necessary.  For bone tumors, make multiple sections through bone and soft tissue with a band saw.  Fix in formalin, and decalcify.


For mucosal or soft tissue tumors:

One may need to separate the soft tissue from the mandible with a scalpel.


If the specimen includes a radical neck dissection (RDS), process according to specific RDS instructions.






Type of resection (partial or total) and side.  Describe structures included (gingiva, teeth, floor of mouth, portion of tongue, skin, etc.)


Non-neoplastic mucosa.


Bone:  Appearance on cross-sections.



Sections for Histology:



1.         Tumor (three to four sections) extending to non-neoplastic mucosa.


2.         Soft tissue surgical margins.


3.         Bone surgical margin(s).


4.         Mandibular nerve (surgical margins).


5.         Bone (if grossly involved or suspicious).