Division of Quality and Health Improvement

Patient-Centered Projects

The vision and mission of the Department of Pathology is to transform the patient experience. This does not naturally occur on its own. Therefore a deliberate, concerted effort is needed to bring this vision and mission to life every day.

The Michigan Innovative Personalized Patient-centered Pathology (MiP3) initiative is an ongoing effort within the Department of Pathology to explore, experiment, and learn how Pathology can transform the patient experience. Our pilot projects focus on one or more of the following opportunity areas:

  • Increasing patient access to understandable information on their diagnosis.
  • Optimizing technology to bring better and faster information to the patient.
  • Implementing multi-disciplinary initiatives to provide coordinated patient-centered care.
  • Continuously improving current Pathology operations to meet changing patient needs and wishes.
  • Streamlining the flow of information to ensure timely and accurate reporting to providers and patients.