Unraveling Innovative Therapies through Tumor Analysis and Genetic Insights.

The DiFeo Laboratory

A well-integrated research program with a rich repository of patient-derived ovarian and endometrial cancer models that are highly useful for translational research and is perfectly poised to perform impactful research to detect these cancers earlier and treat them more effectively.

The work performed in our laboratory spans the continuum of translational research starting with an in-depth analysis of patient samples to functional assessment of key genetic drivers of ovarian cancer progression to the development of novel early detection biomarkers and therapeutic approaches to abrogate these drivers in order to improve ovarian cancer patient survival.

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Our Research

The overall goal of my laboratory is to identify the alterations that lead to gynecological cancers, specifically high-serous cancer (HGSC), the most common subtype of ovarian cancer in order to develop novel biomarkers and therapies.

To accomplish this, we focus on four major areas:

  • Generation of clinically relevant mouse models,
  • Development of novel or repurposed drugs that can combat this deadly disease,
  • Discovery of potent drivers of drug resistance and recurrence, and
  • Identify novel biomarkers for early detection or therapeutic response.

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