Core Resources

Proteomics Resource Facility

The Proteomics Resource Facility (PRF) provides consultation, state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical expertise and bioinformatics support both during discovery and validation phases of proteomic experiments. The facility, located at 4204, Medical Sciences 1, currently houses 4 liquid-chromatography mass spectrometers (including Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid-ETD instrument) devoted exclusively for proteomic analysis and is overseen by scientific director (Dr. Alexey Nesvizhskii) and laboratory manager (Dr. Venkatesha Basrur). Wide ranging services offered by PRF include both qualitative and quantitative (relative and absolute) characterization of proteins, protein-protein interactions, and post-translational modification sites (phosphorylation, ubiquitination, acetylation, etc.) on proteins isolated from various sources (cells/tissues etc.). The facility utilizes various commercial, open-source and in-house written bioinformatics tools for the data analysis.

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