External Results

Contact Information
  • Mary Tocco
    Administrative Manager Intermediate Healthcare

    (734) 764-7168
  • Lori Carey
    Associate Supervisor

    (734) 936-6723

External Results

A service unit within the Department of Pathology which processes (transcribes) external lab results for University of Michigan Health System clinics.

Outside lab results are received in the clinic(s) and if desired are faxed for processing by the External Results group.  Results are transcribed and the image is scanned into MiChart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is External Results part of HIM?
No, they are 2 different departments.

How do I label a report for processing?
All reports must contain the following information: MRN, Doctor's name, and pager number, Clinic code.

Are flowsheets acceptable?
No.  Flowsheets do not contain the required information needed for processing.

Is this a STAT service?
No.  TAT is usually 24-72 hrs M-F only.

If a report does not have a DOB or performing lab name and/or address, can we write it on the report? 
No.  We cannot accept any report with handwritten identifiers or performing lab name/address.

Do you result POC testing?

Will you scan other patient documents such as Radiology reports, Spirometry results, Bone Density studies?
No.  This service applies to lab results only.


To view the External Results Guidelines, click HERE.