Pathology Relocation and Renovation Project

Activation Update!

NCRC Activation Update!

It’s nearly August already, and we are cruising along with our Activation Planning.  In August, expect to hear from Kathy Derkowski on Supply Planning, as well as meetings to touch-base on Equipment planning and move sequencing.  Below you’ll find updated Activation Slides and Parking Information.

Download NCRC Update Presentation Slides (July 20th, 2017)
Download NCRC Parking Presentation Slides (June 29th, 2017)

Equipment Thread Important Lab Bench dates and times

We are pleased to announce that the process to choose and procure the lab benches for the new Pathology spaces is moving forward! 
We will be holding a few sessions upcoming in order to facilitate the decision-making process.
On Oct 31st and Nov 1st, the PRR Team will have two open sessions to show a limited selection of the lab bench materials and their proposals.  The first will be at Traverwood from 9:30-11:30 on Oct 31st in the Traverwood 2 Conference room (1132).  The second will be in the PRR Team room (NIB 6A05) from 1-3pm on Nov 1st.
If you would like to see the materials and review the proposals, please plan to stop in one of the open sessions (costumes optional!).  If you can’t make those times, please let me know and I will arrange for another session.
Additionally, and perhaps most important, there is a vendor fair at NCRC on Nov 10th from 11-3pm in the large dining room in Building 18. (directions below)  This is the optimal time to view a sample bench and interact with the vendors to ask questions.  The PRR Team will be on hand with surveys for participants to fill out.
The PRR Casework team will meet after the vendor fair and, with the input from our design team, engineers, and IT experts, make the final decision based on all feedback.


Activation Meeting Summary!

Below are a few key points from our Activation Meeting on August 25th.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Christine Baker, Duane Newton, or Brendon Weil.


Threads of Work

The organizing principle of the Activation timeline will be the Threads of Work.  The threads relate to the work needed to be accomplished by most of the groups moving to NCRC.

The threads are listed below.  There may be some changes to the list in coming months based on organizing them more efficiently.


  1. Interior Design
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Audio-Visual Program
  4. Security
  5. IT
  6. Capital Equipment
  7. Digital Pathology
  8. Specimen Transport
  9. Supplies
  10. Waste
  11. Laundry
  12. Workforce Planning
  13. Kits
  14. Safety and Emergency Management
  15. Parking
  16. People Systems (Coffee, water, vending, others…)
  17. Transformation
  18. Branding
  19. Move Sequencing and Orientation
  20. Communication



The “Lanes” are the method to organize the groups moving to NCRC.  The Lanes don’t necessarily organize around the existing Organizational Chart, but rather are based on numerous factors.  The Lanes will be published once they are set in the next few weeks.



Project Management:

  1. Each Lane will have a timeline to follow, actions to track, and decision to make.
  2. The timeline is organized around the Threads, and specific work that is needed in each Thread.
  3. Each Lane will have a Playbook showing a timeline, milestones, and a method to track progress.  We are working on making the Playbook an interactive ‘App’.
  4. Activation meetings occur regularly (with increased frequency closer to the move) to report on progress, vet issues and present an opportunity for the groups to provide input.


Move Captains

Each Lane will have a Move Captain who acts as the ambassador from the Project Team to the ‘Lane’.  We listed some of the attributes and skills needed by the Move Captains.




  • Flexible
  • Team Player
  • Problem Solver
  • Communicator
  • Broad Skills



  • Organized, detail-oriented
  • Tech-savvy
    • MS excel, Word, and our “App”
  • Ability to coordinate tasks and resolve problems
  • Track milestones and tasks
  • Strong Communication Skills


Example Tasks and Duties

  • Track tasks and meet timelines
    • Escalate issues and concerns if deadlines can’t be met
  • Ensure ‘section’ complete activities required for activation
  • Communication link between project team and lab/section
    • Communication must occur both ‘up and down’ (and across)



NCRC Activation: Timing


Activation Preparation—Time period from now to Phase 1.  Involves extensive planning and work in the “Threads”.

Activation Phase 1—Moving in new furniture, IT, equipment.  Staff orientation, training, clinical preparation.  At the end of this phase, there will potentially be some early (non-clinical) moves into the space.

Activation Phase 2—Activation of the space---especially Clinical spaces.  Movement and coordination of all existing equipment.

Activation Phase 3—Stabilization of new NCRC space and the “emptying out” of UH and UHS spaces in preparation for construction.






Key Dates for the next few months:

Thread: Equipment

Week of Oct 24th:

  • Meet with Joe Welch/team to review equipment lists (this will be a recurring task approximately every 3 months)
  • Casework materials available for review as part of RFP for casework vendor

Week of Nov 7th (tentative):

  • Vendor presentations by Casework vendors (Casework Committee and interested parties)

Week of Dec 5th:

  • Meet with Casework vendor to lay out each lab bench.  Joe Welch will also be in attendance


Thread: Waste

Week of Dec 5th:

  • Target for selection of waste containers---in parallel with confirmation of layout of lab benches


Thread: Interior Design

Week of Jan 9th:

  • Meet with Kate Stahl to for furniture and interiors selections for all spaces but Faculty Suite

Week of Feb 13th:

  • Confirmation of furniture selections

Week of Feb 20th:

  • Faculty Furniture selections


Thread: IT

Week of March 6th (target):

  • “Station Reviews”—detailed meetings with Desktop Support and Telecom to review IT and Phone needs for each workstation