Experimental Pathology

Interested in Post-Doctoral Research?

Research Faculty in the Department of Pathology offer many postdoctoral fellowship research opportunities.  Our robust training program currently has 68 post doctoral fellows working on research problems in over 20 laboratories.  Principal Investigators can be contacted to inquire about openings in their laboratory, as they recruit and appoint postdoctoral fellows directly. See our list of Research Faculty for a synopsis of their research interests.

The UM Medical School's Office of Postdoctoral Studies serves as a central information location to learn about the Postdoc environment at the University of Michigan.


Find Available Positions

Many of our faculty will have available postdocs at various times during the year. Listed below are descriptions of current postdoctoral positions from principal investigators who are actively seeking new researchers to join their laboratories.  Search for the ones that fit your research interests and contact them for opportunities and details by filling out the provided "Send Info" form.