Autopsy and Forensic Services

Autopsy & Forensic Services

Working in the morgue is a unique experience in which no two days are alike. During the autopsy, the Autopsy Assistant provides support to pathology faculty and house officers. This includes assisting with dissection, whether a full autopsy or brain only, and coordination of paperwork required by Michigan Medicine in compliance with all applicable laws and/or regulations. In addition, the staff of this unit interacts daily with funeral directors and faculty, and staff from the patient floors, regarding the status of autopsies that have been or will be performed.

Contact Information:
Washtenaw County Medical Examiner:  
ph. (734) 936-6700

Director, Autopsy & Forensics:  
ph. (734) 615-7173

The Michigan Medicine Pathology Morgue Suite staff is comprised of two full-time Autopsy Assistants/Medico-Legal Death Investigators and two "on-call" Autopsy Assistants. The on-call Autopsy Assistants are responsible for working with the medical staff performing autopsies on weekends and after-hours autopsies. For example, rapid prostate autopsies and brain-only autopsies.

  • Advances in Forensic Medicine and Pathology Conference
  • National Association of Medical Examiner Accreditation (December 2011)
  • Gift of Life

Duties include

  • Death scene investigations
  • Courtroom testimony
  • UM Hospital and Medical Examiner Autopsies
  • Child death review meetings
  • Education programs
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Forensic Fellowship Education
  • Complete Death certificates and Cremation permits