Clinical Microbiology



Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

Medical Director for Clinical Microbiology:
Michael Bachman, MD, PhD

Associate Director of Clinical Microbiology:
Paul R. Lephart, PhD, D(ABMM)

Associate Director of Clinical Microbiology:
Dr. Virginia Pierce, MD


Location: 2800 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI
Phone: 734-936-6877FAX: 734-647-9093
Hours of Service: 24 hours/7 days per week

D. latum egg  


Personnel and Facilities

The Clinical Microbiology Laboratories are staffed by over 55 medical technologists and clinical laboratory scientists. The laboratories provide service 365 days a year to meet the medical needs of Michigan Medicine and the clients of the M-Labs program. The laboratories are located at the newly renovated NCRC and perform approximately 489,000 tests annually. The laboratories provide full-service diagnostic testing in bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and molecular diagnostics, and use the latest in automated instrumentation in many of these areas to provide the most advanced testing technology available. The Clinical Microbiology Laboratory has close ties with Adult and Pediatric Infectious Diseases, the Infection Control Program, the Department of Pharmacy, and the School of Public Health. Such working relationships provide ongoing analysis of interactions between organisms and antimicrobial agents that allow for dynamic reporting to clinicians on the floors and foster productive research collaborations that directly result in improving the quality of care provided to our patients.



The Clinical Microbiology Laboratories are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and active in the CAP Laboratory Accreditation and Proficiency Testing programs.