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Contacts by Query

Patients looking for lab results need to contact their Primary Care Physician

  Contact Point Phone Fax
Requests for slides/blocks/etc obtained by Pathology Surgical Pathology  734-936-6799 734-936-6813
Requests for biopsy reports obtained by Pathology Surgical Pathology 734-936-6799 734-936-6813 
Outside institutions requesting consult reports or how to send consults MLabs 800-862-7284  
Internal staff looking for information on specimen prep or stain requests Specimen processing 734-936-6777  
Legal case information Nancy Fritzemeier 734-936-6801 734-936-6813
Requests for death certificates or funeral home pickups Autopsy & Forensics Service 734-936-6700  
Requests for Autopsy reports Ann Jackson 734-615-7173  

Contacts by Lab

Lab Phone
Autopsy & Forensic Services 734-615-7173
Blood Bank 734-936-6888
Chemical Pathology 734-936-6702
Cytogenetics 734-763-5805
Cytopathology 734-936-6796
Hematopathology 734-936-1873
Histopathology 734-936-6818
HLA / Tissue Typing 734-647-2774
Immunohistochemistry 734-936-6799
Microbiology / Virology 734-936-6877
Molecular Diagnostics 734-936-0565
Specimen Processing 734-936-6731

Contacts by Faculty

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