Pathology Quality


The Department of Pathology’s Division of Quality and Health Improvement is the central, coordinating function within Pathology for ensuring our laboratory practices and processes are designed and operate in such a way to deliver quality results and patient safety.  Click on the individual DQHI team member to learn more about the way he or she contributes to quality and safety.



Scott Owens


Brian Tolle


Keisha Beck

Project Manager

Natalie Farwell

Project Manager

Eleanor Mills

Quality Assurance

Ross Smith

Data Scientist

Kasey Thompson

Project Manager

 Ross Smith | 734.232.5650

 Natalie Farwell | 734.232.5649

 Kasey Thompson | 734.232.5639

 Lisa Brown

Lisa is our Administrative Specialist and is responsible for ensuring all the DQHI team members have what they need to be highly effective. This could involve setting up meetings to move initiatives forward or educating Pathology front-line staff on how to access our incident reporting system so we can catch problems before they have a chance to harm a patient. | 734.232.5639

 Keisha Beck | 734.232.5641

 Eleanor Mills | 734.232.5648

 Scott Owens, M.D.

Scott is our Director and is responsible for ensuring our divisional priorities align with departmental and institutional priorities. He also provides leadership through his network of clinical colleagues to identify opportunities for value-based healthcare collaboration and sponsorship of such initiatives. | 734.936.6770

 Brian Tolle

Brian is our Manager and is responsible for ensuring our priorities are clear and executed in such a way for maximum impact. He is also responsible for helping to remove obstacles that get in the way of DQHI team members achieving superior results. | 734.232.5650