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For policies not listed below, please refer to:
    • University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide (
    • University of Michigan Health System and Health Centers Policies


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General Laboratory Policies & Procedures
     COMP-POL-0009 Ambulatory Care Patient Redraw    
     COMP-POL-0010 Changing Verified Results    
     COMP-POL-0013 Critical Value Reporting    
     COMP-PROC-0002 Delayed Results Reporting    
     COMP-POL-0011 Equipment Maintenance and Quality Control    
     COMP-PROC-0003 Faxing of Medical Information    
  COMP-PROC-0004 Handling and Testing Samples from a Relative    
     COMP-POL-0003 Proficiency Testing    
     COMP-POL-0012 Reference Laboratories (Evaluation and Selection of)    
     COMP-POL-0015 Reporting of Results    
     COMP-POL-0005 Specimen Identification    
     COMP-POL-0016 Transport of Specimens    
     COMP-POL-0017 Policy Management    
     COMP-POL-0004 Delegation of Laboratory Director Functions    
     COMP-PROC-0005 Deceased Patient - Cancellation of Future Appointments    
     COMP-POL-0018 Add-on Test Policy    
     COMP-POL-0019 Handling Medical-Legal Requests    
     COMP-POL-0022 Quality Reagent Water    
     COMP-POL-0020 Intermittent Testing    
     COMP-POL-0021 Quality Management System Document Control    
  COMP-POL-0029 Test Cancellation & Notification    
  HR-F-0001 Staff Offboarding Checklist    
  HR-POL-0001 Dress Code    
  HR-POL-0015 Attendance Policy    
  HR-POL-0016 Fitness for Duty, For Cause    
  HR-POL-0017 Leave of Absence and FMLA    
  HR-POL-0022 Continuing Education (CE)    
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