Histopathologic Comparison of Epidermotropic Melanoma Metastases and Primary Nodular Melanoma

By Robin Kunkel | September 21 2017

Drs. Skala, Wang, HarmsAndeaFullen and Chan in the Department of Pathology Dermatopathology section, in collaboration with other U-M colleagues, have published the paper, Comprehensive Histopathologic Comparison of Epidermotropic/Dermal Metastatic Melanoma and Primary Nodular Melanoma in Histopathology.  Metastatic melanoma involving the epidermis and/or upper dermis may show significant histologic overlap with primary cutaneous melanoma, especially the nodular subtype.  Proper histopathologic classification is crucial to appropriate staging and management, yet often challenging. This study aims to identify helpful histopathologic features in differentiating epidermotropic/dermal metastatic melanoma (EDMM) and primary nodular melanoma (PNM). This is the first comprehensive histopathologic comparison of EDMM and PNM. Recognition of the histopathologic associations should aid in correct classification and staging of cutaneous melanoma.