U-M Pathology Alumni Society (UMPAS)

Resident Travel Grants

In 2008 the Board of Directors of the Society approved the development of Travel Grants to supplement the Academic Funds provided by the Department to pathology residents for the purpose of attending professional meetings at which they are presenting abstracts or otherwise participating.  Three grants of up to $1500 each, subject to actual travel expenses, are available annually.  Should other donations be made to the department for resident travel, these gifts will be added to available funds. 


  • A resident who wishes to apply for a UMPAS/AJF Travel Grant must provide a letter addressed to the President of the Society and the Residency Program Director outlining:
    • The meeting or course that the resident wishes to attend.
    • The purpose of attending the meeting (presentation of research, access to specialized training).
    • The cost of attending the meeting or course.
    • The remaining Academic Funds are available to the resident.
    • Any other information that the fellow believes is relevant to the Society’s decision.
  • The President and Program Director will jointly make decisions regarding grant approval.
  • The Program Director will inform the resident of the decision within two weeks of receipt of the letter.
  • Processing for reimbursement will be as follows:
    • Submit to Program Director for approval and submission to the administrative office of UMPAS/AJF.
    • UMPAS/AJF will reimburse the resident and retain all travel receipts for audit purposes.


Acknowledgment of Grant
If a presentation is part of the travel, a resident receiving a UMPAS/AJF Travel Grant is expected to acknowledge the grant by adding a statement of support on a poster, at the end of a presentation, or in some similar manner.

Travel Grant Awards

Year Recipient Meeting Attended
2015 Martin Magers, MD CAP Policy Conference
2013 Steven C. Smith, MD, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, Soft Tissue Pathology
2012 Maria Pletneva, MD New Frontiers Meeting
2012 Andrew Honosh, MD New Frontiers Meeting
2012 Reena Singh, MD New Frontiers Meeting
2011 Rohit Mehra, MD MD Anderson Medical Ctr.
2011 Suntrea Hammer, MD Emory University
2010 Limin Yu, MD DermPath Yale Univ.
2010 Jingmei Lin, MD Cleveland Clinic
2009 Lindsay Schmidt, MD Medical College of Wisc.
2009 Nathan Loesch, MD Barnes Jewish Hospital
2009 Jonathan Cutlan, MD  
2009 Julie Jorns, MD AFIP
2009 Donald Swing, MD John Hopkins Univ.
2008 Adam Bell, MD USCAP Brest Pathology