Medical Laboratory Scientist Internship Program

UMHS MLS Internship Program Policies 

Part-time employment: Typically, there are part-time employment opportunities for MLS interns.  The hours available for work usually occur in the afternoons or weekends.  The Department of Pathology administration annually assesses the need to open part-time employment opportunities for interns.

Parking:  Interns may be eligible to purchase temporary employee parking passes.  Alternatively, interns can use public commuter lots and public transportation to the main hospital.  Please see the Michigan Medicine Information page for links to the University Parking Services and public transportation (The Ride).

Pre-Employment Eligibility Screening:  Interns are subject to the same pre-employment screening as new employee candidates.  This includes a urine drug screen and a criminal background check (free of cost to the intern).  This occurs after the intern selections are made and prior to orientation.  Additional employee health screening is required during the first days of the internship.  This includes a TB skin test, vaccination history, and additional requirements as necessary.

Rotation Hours and Break Times: The daily rotation hours are typically 8-8.5 hours per day and determined by the each lab.  Typical start time mays range from 6:30-10:00 am.  There are also opportunities to rotate through the afternoon shift in some of the labs if the intern is interested.  Breaks are taken by the interns based on their daily schedule and typically are dependent on the daily work and the Medical Laboratory Scientist they will be training with. 

Attendance:  The interns are expected to treat their internship rotations as if they were employees.  The expectation is that interns will arrive to their internship everyday on time.  Ifan intern is unable to be present for a day of internship, they should call the lab and send an email to their clinical educator.  When calling, the intern should try to contact the person that they were scheduled to work with.  This is because preceptors that are training interns typically schedule their work around the interns.   When an intern is unexpectedly late or absent, there may be a delay in work if the preceptor is holding some of their work for intern practice.

Dress Policies:  The interns are expected to take pride in their appearance.   They will need to wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable and they are easily able to work in.  Interns are expected to follow all Michigan Medicine and Pathology guidelines for dress code. We recommend scrubs or business casual clothing.  The Department of Pathology does not require a specific color or type of scrubs.  Closed- toe shoes are required. 

ASCLS:  Depending on the affiliated university program requirements, the interns may be expected to attend the Michigan Chapter of American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science Annual Meeting.  

Internship Orientation:  The interns are expected to attend the MLS Internship Orientation prior to their internship.  For the interns completing their internships from January – June, orientation is typically held one day in the middle of December (after final exams).  For the July – December rotation, the orientation will be held after exams and prior to the start date.  Items addressed during orientation include I-9 processing with a human resources coordinator and a general introduction to the program policies and expectations.  Attendance at orientation is required.  Failure to attend may result in forfeiture of their internship spot. 

Mandatories:  During the first days of the internship, the students will be expected to attend a safety tour, complete their computer access requirements, and mandatory online tutorials via MLearning.  The student will also complete any requirements through Employee Health as described above.