Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship


 Our Current Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellows



Vincent Laufer, MD, PhD
Fellow, Molecular Genetic Pathology


Arjun Reddy, MD
Fellow, Molecular Genetic Pathology

Former Fellows:

Suguna Narayan, MD, PhD (2022-2023)

Erica Vormittag-Nocito, MD (2021-2022)

Jacob Abel, MD (2020-2021)

Audrey Jajosky, MD, PhD (2020-2021)

Jonathan Mowers, MD, PhD (2019-2020)

Eman Abdulfatah, MD (2018-2019), Genitourinary Pathology Fellowship, University of Michigan

David Manthei, MD, PhD (2018-2019), Chemical Pathology Fellowship, University of Michigan

Michael Carter, MD, PhD (2017-2018), Molecular Genetic Pathologist, Nova Scotia Health Authority

Nathan Charles, MD, PhD (2017-2018), Staff Pathologist, Great Lakes Pathologists

Pawel Mroz, MD, PhD (2016-2017), Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Andrew McDaniel, MD, PhD (2015-2016), Pathologist, Ameripath Indianoplis

David Seward, MD, PhD (2015-2016), Assistant Professor, Pathology, University of Vermont

Mark J. Kiel, MD, PhD (2014-2015), CSO and co-founder, Genomenon, Inc.

Amir Behdad, MD (2013-2014), Assistant Professor, Hematopathology and Molecular Genetic Pathology, Northwestern University, Chicago

Noah A. Brown, MD (2013-2014), Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Michigan

Larissa V. Furtado, MD (2012-2013) Assistant Director, Division of Genomic and Molecular Pathology at University of Chicago

Gaurav Sharma, MD (2011-2012), Associate Medical Director, Clinical Core Laboratories, Henry Ford Health System

Nathanael G. Bailey, MD (2010-2011), Associate Professor,  Hematopathology, University of Pittsburgh

Joseph H. Willman, MD (2010-2011), Medical Director, Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Clinical Pathology Associates (Texas)

Larry J. Bischof, MD, PhD (2009-2010), Medical Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, Baystate Health System (Florida)