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Don't Forget - 7th Annual CP Symposium

By Robin Kunkel | 21 April

Register for 7th Annual CP Symposium sessions.  Held in conjunction with National Medical Laboratory Professionals week, the CP Symposium offers excellent opportunities for Pathology staff and faculty to earn continuing medical education credits.  Held in the CVC Danto Auditorium, sessions begin:

Monday, April 24

  • 7:00am
    "Are you Safe” (code: PATH-62109)

  • 8:05am
    The Role of Viscolelastic Testing in the Perioperative Setting (code: PATH-62110)

  • 9:10am
    Feature the Inaugural John Batsakis Lecture given by Dr. Gary Procop of the Cleveland Clinic (code:  PATH-62111)

Please register online via MLearning using these codes (also found in the brochure in the full story).  Lab week activities occur throughout this week.

Download Trifold  | Lab Week Webpage  |  MLearning


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