"It’s Not Just a Needlestick" Published in the Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine

By Elizabeth Walker | January 21 2019

A multi-disciplinary study out of Michigan Medicine’s departments of physical medicine and rehabilitation, pathology, and pediatrics, and Child & Family Life and the Office of Patient Experience, was published in the Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine.

Phlebotomy training tends to focus on clinical technique rather than pediatric or patient comfort support, yet blood draws are a procedure that is associated with the greatest fear and pain for a child.  It’s Not Just a Needlestick: Exploring Phlebotomists’ Knowledge, Training, and Use of Comfort Measures in Pediatric Care to Improve the Patient Experienceoutlines the methods the team used to collect data on phlebotomy training, and the strategies phlebotomists implement to ease anxiety while performing needle sticks and other procedures. The data collected will be used to develop toolkits to improve phlebotomists’ training for both pediatric and adult settings.

To learn more, click through to read the paper.  You can also read the companion article, More Than a Blood Draw: Taking the Pain Out of Pokes.