Spotlight On: The Research Histology Laboratory

By Elizabeth Walker | January 30 2020

The team from the Research Histology Lab enjoys time together off-campus.Drs. Thomas Giordano, Paul Harms, and Dafydd Thomas have a fully staffed and highly functional Research Histology lab. The laboratories lead technician, Chelsea Decker, HT, has been keeping the lab completely updated and efficient. The lab is on the fast track to modernization; changing over from old fashioned paper requests to MiCORES electronic requests beginning in February.

Kathy Toy, HT (QIHC), is the newest member of the team and was hired for her Immunohistochemistry (IHC) expertise. Rounding out the team is Christina Watson, HT, who is helping the lab’s fantastic turn-around time.

The lab does IHC, sectioning, embedding, processing, frozen sections, and will be starting a special stains service in the near future.

Learn more on the lab’s website.