Dermatopathology Fellowship

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  • Aleodor Andea, MD
    Director, Molecular Dermatopathology Research Laboratory

    (734) 764-3661


Dermatopathology Service: (Pathology and Dermatology trained fellows)

The mainstay of our educational training program is Dermatopathology Sign-out where slides from patient biopsies or excisions are reviewed and diagnoses rendered. The majority of slides are available the afternoon before sign-out the next morning, so fellows and pathology residents have the opportunity to preview them and develop differential diagnoses or specific diagnoses. Individual cases are discussed among the faculty attending, dermatopathology fellows, pathology and dermatology residents, and medical students at sign-out and, therefore, there is considerable real-time teaching and opportunity for questions during this activity.

Dermatology Clinic: (Pathology trained fellows)

Surgical Pathology: (Dermatology trained fellows)

Research Rotation

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