Michigan Legacy Tissue Program

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  • Rohit Mehra, MD
    Professor, Pathology
    Director, Michigan Legacy Tissue Program

  • Zachary Reichert, MD
    Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
    Co-Director, Michigan Legacy Tissue Program

    (734) 647-8903

Medical Professionals

Patient-inclusion criterion for potential participation in MLTP

  1. Patients with widely metastatic therapy-refractory malignancies (of any primary tumor type).


Considerations for patient participation in MLTP

  1. Minimum 2-3 days notification time by the patient’s medical oncologist to MLTP team.

  2. Maximum 90 minutes (acceptable only up to 120 minutes) commute for the deceased patient prior to rapid autopsy.


Brief Program and Procedure Description

  1. Questions the patient and family have are completely answered by the MLTP team and their cancer doctor(s).
  2. Dr. Reichert's cell phone number will be shared with the patient/family once they have decided to participate in the MLTP program.
  3. At the time of patient's passing, the family will call Dr. Reichert on his cell phone, regardless of the time of day/night.

  4. Consent for the autopsy will be obtained by phone from the next of kin.
  5. The family will provide funeral home information to Dr. Reichert and then proceed with funeral arrangements. 

  6. MLTP will arrange for transportation from the funeral home to Michigan Medicine and back to the funeral home at no cost to the family.