We love our Administrative Professionals!

By Lynn McCain | April 27 2022


dministrative Professionals are the heart of any organization. In Pathology, they keep our pathologists, trainees, and staff organized and able to stay on task with their other duties. In addition to the “traditional” responsibilities of administrative professionals, our admins support the clinical operations by organizing sign-out operations, maintaining service calendars, and typing up cases for our pathologists; help in grant preparations, day-to-day laboratory needs, manuscript submissions and other essential duties to ensure our research operations move forward; ensure trainees are well cared for and have a positive learning environment, and that our administrators have the support they need for efficient operations. Regardless of the area of the department in which they work, they are essential to the provision of excellence in patient care, education, and research – the tri-partite mission of the Department of Pathology. We love our administrative professionals and would be lost without them!

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, we asked our administrative professionals for some of their thoughts about working at Michigan Medicine. Our admins have been with the department from just a few months to over 40 years, with most in the department for more than 5 years. What makes them want to stay? The number one response was “Hands down, what I like best about working in Pathology are the people. I have met and worked with some of the most amazing and caring people,” said Peggy Otto. Comments such as, “I love that everyone is so friendly and willing to help one another. I think patient care is the most important dynamic and Pathology staff have that down!” (Ashley Boguslaski), “I am lucky to be a part of an amazing team” (Lauren Branson), “Everyone is pleasant and helpful” (Keishia Tooson), and “I really enjoy the people I work with and how we all work together.” (Beth Gibson) were echoed by their colleagues.  Our administrative professionals were also quick to praise their supervisors, Peggy Otto and Nancy Fritzemeier, who they describe as kind, supportive, encouraging, and always willing to help. Leadership at all levels were recognized for their contributions toward the positive environment. “From the Chair’s office to the individual members of the labs I support, there is a level of respect for each other and the work we all perform,” stated Tammy Kutter. “I like my supervisor, fellow co-workers, the leadership, and the recognition the department gives its employees. I have learned so much and continue to learn daily,” added Jessica Paine.

Another common theme is the diversity of the department in both the work and the people with whom they work. Yvonne Beadle, who supports the Chief Department Administrator, summed the thoughts of her colleagues quite well, “What I like most about working in Pathology is being part of a diverse department with many different components and working amongst very knowledgeable and talented people. There are many individuals on all levels from various areas of the department who have all made a tremendous difference for me, each with their own unique skills and abilities.”  Sue Scott agrees, “I love the variety of work. It is not just the same thing day-to-day. Also, I enjoy working with the faculty, staff, and personnel in the labs. It is a great group of people that makes my job so interesting and enjoyable.” Working with physicians who are at the top of their field is another bonus. “I really enjoy the diverse things I learn from [my faculty],” stated Angela Wilson.

Finally, the work itself, supporting patient care today and of tomorrow is a major component of why our admins came and why they stay. “I like training and sharing information so we can finish things quickly,” Sally Smith stated. “I want everyone around me to have the tools and information to be effective, so we don’t waste time in getting answers for patients.” “Knowing that my department plays such an intricate role in care for patients is what I like best about working in Pathology,” shared Caryn Crane. “Being able to learn about the different ways we are innovating our testing and research, and supporting a collaboration of people that are at the forefront of cancer research is an exciting opportunity.” Bill Sherman added, “Working in the Pathology Department is something I can sincerely say that I enjoy doing every day. The work we do truly benefits the most important issue in a person’s life, their health situation. The department leadership’s encouragement of the success of each individual in the department creates better teams who, in turn, provide the best quality of patient-focused service. I see the work I do as a link in a very important chain to help patients get and stay healthy. I feel that my best work is done because of my belief in the department’s mission and the department’s support of its employees.”

These are just a few thoughts from our great team of administrative professionals. They are instrumental in helping to create the environment of the department and in ensuring our success. We appreciate them and their dedication to the mission of Pathology at Michigan Medicine. I hope you will join us in taking a moment to tell them “thank you” today and throughout the year for all their hard work.