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By Pamela Howard | 3 July

Please Welcome the 2013 - 2014 Department of Pathology Fellows!


Blood Bank Fellow - Chelsea Tooke-Barry, MD

Cytopathology Fellow - Kurt Bernacki, MD

Cytopathology Fellow - Scott Kantola, MD

Dermatopathology Fellow - Thanh Ha, MD

Dermatopathology Fellow - Jeremy Vincent, MD

Forensic Pathology Fellow - Amanda Fisher-Hubbard, MD

Forensic Pathology Fellow - Jeffrey Hudson, MD

Gastrointestinal Pathology Fellow - Olga Speck, MD

Genitourinary Pathology Fellow - Jiyoon Yoon, MD

Gynecologic Pathology Fellow - Andrew Sciallis, MD

Hematopathology Fellow - Melissa Bombery, MD

Hematopathology Fellow - John Frederiksen, MD, PhD

Hematopathology Fellow - Maria Pletneva, MD, PhD

Informatic Pathology Fellow - John Blau, MD

Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellow - Amir Behdad, MD

Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellow - Noah Brown, MD

Pediatric Pathology Fellow - Allecia Wilson, MD

Surgical Pathology Fellow - Randy Butler, MD

Surgical Pathology Fellow - Laura Walters, MD, PhD

Surgical Pathology Fellow - Joshua Warrick, MD


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