Life-saving Effort by Dr. Francisco Diaz

By David Lucas | July 12 2016

Dr. Francisco Diaz, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Forensic Pathology

I wish to acknowledge and share a great story about our own Dr. Francisco Diaz, M.D. Dr. Diaz recently assisted with a complicated homicide case in Saginaw of a young individual who was also a potential multi-organ donor. A law enforcement official initially indicated that a forensic autopsy was required, which almost led the family to rescind consent for donation. Dr. Diaz was called to the rescue. He wrapped up his work at Wayne County and traveled to Saginaw. When he arrived, multiple transplant teams were already present and ready to harvest organs. The organ recovery process began at 11:30 PM and continued until 5 AM, during which Dr. Diaz visualized the recovery of the organs. He also stayed to perform the autopsy. By allowing a forensic autopsy to occur simultaneous with organ harvesting, Dr. Diaz’s heroic actions literally saved five lives by enabling the donations to Gift of Life to proceed. Please join me in thanking Dr. Diaz.