Faculty Spotlight: Felipe da Veiga Leprevost, PhD

By Lidija Fremeau | January 2 2020

Felipe da Veiga LeprevostIn 2015, Felipe da Veiga Leprevost, PhD, came to the University of Michigan as a research fellow to study computational proteomics. In June of 2019, he accepted a faculty position as a Research Investigator in Bioinformatics. He now has a Michigan-born little one and his roots are growing deeper in Ann Arbor. Though he misses the culture and people of Brazil, he enjoys meeting people from other cultures, which Ann Arbor has in abundance. “Every time I meet someone, I learn something new.”

Responsibilities at U-M include basic research dedicated to developing new methods and techniques for data analysis. His group also acts as a resource, providing services to the Michigan Medicine community to help analyze data. “I usually spend most of my time in front of a computer doing data analysis from different projects across the university. I help to transform ideas and techniques into programs to help clinicians understand their data.” Dr. Leprevost appreciates interacting with colleagues and other departments to exchange ideas and plan new projects.

Dr. Leprevost started out working on the bench. In time, he realized the increasing need for data analysts. He had an affinity for computation, so he made the move to computational proteomics. For young aspiring scientists, he suggests, “Things are moving very quickly. Find a supervisor/researcher who is best in their field and learn from them.” Meanwhile, Dr. Leprevost will be working to facilitate the success of researchers as his work aids them in understanding their experimental results.