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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know if there is a problem with collecting a patient for my patient?

Ans. The phlebotomist will notify the unit clerk about the situation and leave the test information in the patient care unit accompanied by a written explanation. Examples:

  1. PT is in the O.R.
  2. PT is in the Delivery Room
  3. Unable to locate PT
  4. PT prefers M.D. draw
  5. PT has a PICC line


Q. Why doesn't my vacuum blood collection tube fill all the way?

Some tubes are designed to fill only 1/2 way. Check the size of the tube and the fill volume that is on the label. Another cause is using a butterfly needle. If the air in the tubing gets into the vacuum tube, the tube will nto fill completely. Yet another cause is using a needle rather than a sample transfer set when transferring blood from a syringe. One final item is to check the outdate of the tube and assure that the tubes are not close to outdate.


Q. I've heard there will be a change in the blood collection tubes. When will it occur and why are we changing?

The new tubes are made of plastic so they are safer for patients and staff. The order of draw for the tubes The only other change is that Blood Bank will be changing to a PINK top tube. The effective date of the change is expected to be in September 2003. The order from left to right is:

Red glass, blue, yellow, red plastic, green, lavender, pink and gray. Order of Draw


Q. Why is Blood Bank changing to a pink tube?

Blood bank testing is being automated and an antigcoagulated tube must be used. Because the pink tube has an additive to prevent clotting, the tube must be mixed well after collection.