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Packaging Specimens for Transport

Specimen Collection Criteria
The Phlebotomy Team will collect blood samples ordered by the physician provided the sample can be collected in an evacuated tube. The phlebotomist are limited to drawing from arms and hands, unless MD gives permission to do a foot draw.


Drawing Blood Samples from Patients with Fistulas, Shunts, Arterial Lines, and Running Intravenous Lines.
The Phlebotomy Team does not collect samples from fistulas, shunts, arterial lines, or heparin locks. The Phlebotomy Team will draw below I.V. lines. Phlebotomy team will draw above and below heparin locks.


Glucose Tolerance Tests
Inpatients or outpatients are drawn in Outpatient Blood Drawing Stations. 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Must be scheduled. Call 936-6760. Prep diets, glucola, and the test schedule are ordered by the physician. Glucose Tolerance Tests are not drawn on inpatients.


Specimens to be Drawn by Physicians
The Phlebotomy Team will request that a blood sample be drawn by the patient's physician if one of the following situations is encountered:

Two phlebotomists are unable to obtain the required blood sample;

The patient does not have a hospital identification band attached in a proper manner;

The patient refuses to have a phlebotomist collect the blood sample; or

The patient has a fistula, shunt, port, Hickman, PICC line or arterial line.

The phlebotomist will notify the unit clerk about the situation and leave the test information in the patient care unit accompanied by a written explanation. Examples:

  1. PT is in the O.R.
  2. PT is in the Delivery Room
  3. Unable to locate PT
  4. PT prefers M.D. draw
  5. PT has a PICC line

For additional information, refer to the Pathology Laboratories Handbook.