Hematopathology Fellowship Program

Clinical Rotation Summary


Name of Rotation Time Description
Outside consults and Transfer cases 13 weeks Preview cases, order ancillary tests/request additional information, communicate with relevant caregivers, and dictate reports under supervision of attending.  Staff lymphoma tumor board.
In house (bone marrow and tissue) 11 weeks Preview biopsy slides and associated flow cytometry, communicate with relevant caregivers, and dictate reports under supervision of attending.  
Flow cytometry and blood/fluid slide review 4 weeks Triage samples and assure appropriate test utilization, obtain relevant clinical history, review and interpret data, and draft preliminary report under attending supervision.  Staff leukemia tumor board.
Molecular diagnostics 2 weeks Preview data, obtain relevant clinical and pathologic history, signout with attending pathologist.
Cytogenetics 2 weeks Observe various techniques, read pertinent literature, and sign out with the laboratory director.
Hemoglobin 1 week Preview and interpret HPLC studies with attending and discuss assigned reading. Additional research time during this week.
Coagulation/Hematology Lab 2 weeks Instruction on the theory and performance of coagulation and hematology tests from a senior technologist, attend coagulation clinical case signout sessions, review and interpret data at signout.
Bone marrow procedures 2 weeks Instruction under the guidance of PA or NP.  5 completed procedures and 7-10 observed/partial procedure
Research 4 weeks The goal for presentation at a national meeting and/or publication in a peer-reviewed journal.  Examples of scholarly activity here
Elective 3 weeks Additional time to be selected under the guidance of Program Director
Acting attending (2nd half of year) 2 days/week Fellows assume the role of the attending (shadow signout) supervising residents on service.  Occurs during January-June as determined by Program Director based on readiness
Vacation 4 weeks