Hematopathology Fellowship Program

HP Fellowship Program Evaluation Process

Who evaluates fellows?

  1. Program Director: Four times (quarterly) to review the fellow’s progress in the areas of diagnostic skills and fundamentals of knowledge, education/teaching and scholarly activities. The last meeting will serve as the final evaluation and exit interview.

  2. Clinical Competency Meeting:  Three hemepath faculty meet twice a year, in December and in May, review available evaluative material and complete a Milestone evaluation for each of the fellows. This evaluation is shared with the fellows at their 2nd and 4th quarter meetings with the Program Director.

  3. Individual Faculty:

    1. Assess clinical competencies of fellows (medical knowledge, practice-based learning, interpersonal and communication skills, patient care, professionalism, systems-based practice).

    2. Evaluation of presentation skills and content.

    3. Discussion of fellow progress occurs monthly at the Hemepath Faculty Meeting.

  4. Residents: Assess teaching ability and teamwork while on service with the fellow.

  5. Staff evaluation:  360 evaluations by laboratory staff, hemepath administrative assistants, and hemepath operations manager during routine and laboratory evaluations and NP/PAs during bone marrow procedure rotation.


Who/what do fellows evaluate?

  1. Fellowship Program and Program Director: End of year evaluation
  2. Individual Faculty:  Assess teaching ability
  3. Rotations:  Assess experience during and effectiveness of rotations
  4. Self-evaluation: Quarterly evaluation of self, discussed at Clinical Competency Meetings
  5. Alumni Evaluation of Fellowship Program:  Conducted 1 and 3 years post-graduation