Hematopathology Fellowship Program

Laboratory Management Activities for HP Fellows

Goal: To prepare Hematopathology (HP) Fellows for leadership roles in Hematology/Hematopathology Laboratories after completion of the University of Michigan HP fellowship program.

Types of activities:  Required

CAP Activities—

  • Certification course for CAP inspectors through the CAP website
  • Interim inspection or mock CAP inspection for the Hematology laboratory
  • Familiarization with most recent CAP checklists. Responsible for one of three sections: General Hematology Laboratory/Urinalysis, Flow Cytometry/Bone Marrows, or Coagulation/Safety.
  • The fellow will independently carry out the inspection requirements followed by a summary meeting. Clear timelines, and goals, as well as feedback, will be provided. 

QI Project—A laboratory management/quality improvement (QI) group project is required; presentation of results at the end of the year. Gemba walks are required as part of the QI project. Self-study modules provided by the Division of Quality and Health Improvement will serve as a guide for the completion of this project. The fellows will be encouraged to participate in additional QI initiatives throughout the year.

Laboratory Management University—Complete 10 required modules within the year (five modules are mandatory). Option to complete additional modules and up to 25 modules and earn an LMU certification.

Flow cytometry laboratory meetings—Monthly meeting discussing lab operations and technical aspects of flow cytometry.  Interesting case discussion. Attend 4 meetings a year. 

Lean Course Training—Attendance at a 4-hour course on an overview of Lean Principles offered by the University of Michigan. The fellow will be relieved of any clinical/conference duties during that time period.   Fellows will be eligible and encouraged to continue with lean training if they wish.

Quarterly All Staff AP QI Meetings—Attendance at 2 of the 4 AP all staff QI meetings with the possibility of presenting a project.

Highly Recommended

  • Operations/Management Meetings: CP OPs meeting, Laboratory Communications Committee, Lab Formulary Committee Meeting. 
  • Other pathology educational conferences.
  • Career and professional development lectures.
  • Other laboratory management lectures.