Digital Pathology

Non-Pathology Department Clients

For clients who do NOT have MCard access to room UH 2F-365, a new process is in place effective April 3, 2023. In order to have your slides transported to NCRC:

  1. Print this form ("Form B") and fill in your contact information.
  2. Bring the completed Form 1, the slide scan request form, and your slides to the ULNC Courier Drop-Off Window located adjacent to staff elevators on UH Level 2 after proceeding down hallway 2 G250Z. (See photos) 

NOTE: The form will tell the Window staff to give your slides to Surg Path. This is important. The Surg Path packing staff will then place your slides in a bin for courier transport to NCRC. 

ALTERNATIVE: You may always bring your slides personally to our drop box at NCRC Building 60, just outside 1631C Digital Pathology. 

Directions to UH Window

Proceed down hallway 2 G250Z off the main UH Level 2 corridor (hallway proceeds north at this point):

Hallway to ULNC window 20230324.jpg


Look for the ULNC window.

ULNC window 20230324.jpg


ALTERNATIVE: come directly to NCRC. Map is below:

NCRC satellite 2023-1.jpg


You may leave or pick up your slides from the box in the photo. 

PLEASE NOTE: you must alert Digital Pathology that slides have been dropped off by sending an email to

20230330 DigPath floor box w-sign.jpg