Digital Pathology


Slide Scanning Recharge Rates

Effective March 15, 2023 (subject to change)

  • 20X magnification /  $6.13 per slide
  • 40X magnification /  $7.31 per slide

How and when recharges are applied:

  • "Research" slides
  • "Non-UM Pathology" slides [Outside the Department of Pathology but within the University of Michigan]

You must have a valid U-M "shortcode" to submit slides for scanning for the above purposes.


eSlide Manager

Our vendor-provided interface. While all U-M faculty & staff with an account may access eSM with their U-M Level 2 password, eSM is less user-friendly. We recommend new users interface with our database through the search engine on the Pathology Clinical Lab Portal. 

Visit eSlide Manger


Virtual Slide Box

The subset of our image database is intended for teaching purposes. Patient identifiers have been removed, as it is outside the U-M firewall and accessible to the public. 

Virtual Slide Box


Fluorescent Scanning

As of February 2021, those who are interested in scanning slides to capture fluorescent signals may contact Dr. Paul Harms ( and inquire about the TMP Shared Resource's multispectral scanning service with a Vectra Polaris instrument. If customers at NCRC would like to make use of this service, they can also contact Dr. Harms to arrange for free courier transport of slides from NCRC to MSRB1 and return. 


Addressing Unknown Conferences

In the future, we should be able to offer a more standardized, easier-to-use workflow. For the present we rely on information in the scan request form; this web page will help serve as a guide. 

There are several variables that accompany a request to create an "unknowns" conference for pathology education. Below are three examples. 

  • In what interface will the whole-slide images (WSI) be displayed?
  • Who needs to access the WSI? Michigan Medicine residents, fellows, and faculty only? Or does it need to be open to pathology colleagues outside UM / Mich Med?
  • How to address the issue of PHI on the slide labels



Tumor Boards

    • Link to Tumor Boards
    • Behind UM firewall—non-UM persons cannot access
    • OK for PHI
    • In the request form, choose "Unknown Conference" for both "Group" and "Conference."
    • Choose a date.

IM2 Image Server

    • Link to IM2
    • Outside UM firewall; non-UM persons can access
    • PHI not allowed
    • Type in the "Comment" section of the request form "post on IM2 server."


Slides:  New or existing

  • New slides:  Fill out the slide scan request form as usual
  • Existing slides: Send us the pathology accession number(s) or the image ID numbers for individual slides.
    Contact for assistance. 


Slide Labels

  • Tell us if the glass slide labels are already masked and labeled the way you want.
    • If not, how do you want the WSI label images to appear when the WSI is opened?
      • De-identified
      • OK to show the original patient label

Slide order

  • Tell us the order in which each case should appear on the web interface:
    • Order slides were placed on the tray
    • Other (assign a number to each case)