Department Opens Quiet Room at University Hospital

By Camren Clouthier | August 13 2021

This week, the Department of Pathology proudly unveiled its newest workspace as part of the Pathology Renovation and Relocation (PRR) initiative. This new space, located on the second floor of University Hospital, is a quiet room dedicated to wellness, rest and relaxation.

The relaxation room officially opened on Thursday, August 12, with the help of the Pathology Operations team, led by Kristina Martin, Christine Rigney and Ashley Boguslaski. The morning-long event kicked off with a creative activity, where participants were encouraged to design a cookie with edible paint. From there, staff members were invited to tour the new space and mingle with colleagues, before heading back to work.

"The Quiet Room was designed as a way for staff to get away and disengage from some of the stresses associated with work, and also COVID," notes administrative assistant Ashley Boguslaski.

Christine Baker, Project Manager for PRR, describes how to room came to fruition. "The area had originally been planned as a meeting room, but numerous staff members had brought up the idea of a respite space at UH. As we discussed as a team, the concept came together to have a place near the workplace, where faculty and staff could take a few minutes away for quiet activities — activities such as meditation, listening to music with headphones, or reading."  

"The wellness of our staff is a priority," explains Clinical Pathology Operations Director Kristina Martin. "We recognize that a few moments of peace can alleviate stress, so we created the Quiet Room to provide a space close to their work areas to step away and quiet the mind."

The room, nicknamed "The Grand Haven", is now open on the second floor at the University Hospital, room #2G309.