Introducing Michigan Medicine – New Name, New Logos

By Elizabeth Walker | January 12 2017

The University of Michigan Health System has been re-named Michigan Medicine to better reflect the three-part mission of patient care, education, and research. For our Department of Pathology employees, this change means the following…


New Name

  • Discontinue use of University of Michigan Health System. Avoid abbreviations and use our new name, Michigan Medicine.


New Logo

  • University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) and Hospitals and Health Centers logos may no longer be used.
  • Any logo containing "Department of Pathology" or the names of divisions or services within the Department of Pathology may no longer be used.
  • Be on the logo "lookout." If you spot an old logo, point it out. Pay attention not only to hard copies but electronic files as well. Digital letterheads or fax forms with the old logo should be updated with the new one. PowerPoint presentations and other files you have on your computer should also be updated.



  • The web team is working with Dr. Parkos on updating our page with a new look and streamlined navigation. This update will include the new logos. It will also improve the user experience, requiring fewer clicks to get to the most frequently used pages and tools.



  • The organization’s email domain name ( will remain the same. Email signature blocks, however, should be updated to reflect the new logo.
  • If you receive an email from a colleague who hasn’t updated his or her signature, send them a gentle reminder to do so.
  • We’ve provided links to the current approved logos below. Please use them to update your email. You can also find more info on email signatures and instructions for implementing them at this brand guidelines page.


Business cards and other materials

  • Continue to use your stationery and business cards until they run out, or until January 9, 2018, whichever comes first.
  • You can find more info on stationery on the Communications stationery page.


Approved Logos

  • Michigan Medicine - If the primary use is communicating with patients and families in the clinical care environment, or about the entire academic medical center, select the Michigan Medicine identity.
  • Medical School - If the primary use will be in an educator or research environment, select the Medical School identity.


For more information about logo use, visit the Michigan Medicine Communications DIY website. You can also get information on which version of the logo should be used in a particular situation by visiting brand guidelines.

Please be advised that stretching, skewing, cropping or otherwise tweaking the Michigan Medicine logo is not permitted.

If you have additional questions about the name change or logo use, please direct them to the Department of Pathology's Communications Specialist, Elizabeth Walker at or by phone at (734) 763-6656.


We thank you for your cooperation in this transition!