Department Among Leadership, Award Winners, at ASIP Annual Meeting

By Elizabeth Walker | April 17 2019

The Department of Pathology was well-represented at the American Society for Investigative Pathology's (ASIP) 2019 Annual Meeting, Exploring the Molecular and Cellular Etiologies for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease. The Meeting was held during Experimental Biology in Orlando, Florida April 6 – 9.

Dr. Asma Nusrat, Aldred S. Warthin Professor of Mucosal Inflammation and Epithelial Pathobiology and Director of Experimental Pathology, is currently the association’s president and delivered the talk, Plasticity of the Mucosal Barrier: Insights into Regulation of the Epithelial Repair during the Presidential Symposium, which was co-chaired by our Department of Pathology Chair, Dr. Charles A. Parkos, and Dr. Francis W. Luscinkas of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 

Other speakers at the conference included faculty members Dr. Celina Kleer, Veronica Azcutia Criado, and Anny-Claude Luissint. Matthias Kelm, a postdoc in the Parkos-Nusrat labs, was the recipient of a Trainee Travel Award.

During the business meeting and awards ceremony, it was announced that two of the 2020 Meritorious Awards will be received by our Department of Pathology faculty. Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan will be awarded the 2020 ASIP Rous-Whipple Award and Dr. Celina Kleer will accept the 2020 ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award. At the end of the night, Dr. Nusrat ceremoniously passed the gavel to the president-elect, Dr. Dani Zander of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Nusrat will officially complete her term in July.