Pathology Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

The FACSCelesta flow cytometer (7522 MSRB1) has three lasers and can analyze fourteen parameters (twelve colors plus light scatter). A BD High-Throughput Sampler (HTS) unit capable of taking samples from 96-well plates is coupled to the cytometer.  Users are allowed to switch between 96-well plates and 12x75 mm tubes as their experimental needs warrant.  A brief training video has been produced demonstrating how to do this.  The software used on the instrument is Becton-Dickinson's "FACSDiva," version 8. 


An ACEA Biosciences "NovoCyte" instrument was acquired in the summer of 2015 and is located in 4661 BSRB.  The NovoCyte is capable of analyzing fifteen parameters (13 colors plus light scatter).  A list of available detectors will be linked to this page in the future.  Similar to the LSRII, there are three lasers:  a 405 nm "violet", a 488 nm "blue", and a 640 nm "red."  The NovoCyte differs from the LSRII in that six detectors are available from the violet laser (LSRII has only two).  Conversely, the LSRII offers three red laser detectors, while the NovoCyte offers only two.  Both instruments feature five blue laser detectors.  A handy feature of the NovoCyte is that can accept either 12x75 mm tubes or 96-well plates.