Recapping the 2022 Laboratory Professionals Week Celebration

By Camren Clouthier | May 9 2022

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW) is an annual week-long recognition, which originated in 1975 in an effort to increase public understanding and appreciation for the impact of the laboratory as it relates to a patient’s diagnosis and care. The ultimate goal of Lab Week is to highlight the roles that laboratorians play as part of the healthcare team. This is also a moment for lab staff to recognize their contributions to patient care while having fun with their coworkers. This year's 2022 Medical Laboratory Professionals Week celebration at the Department of Pathology, which ran from April 24-30, was a big success! Let's take a moment to recap some of the top moments.

Exclusive Lab Week merchandise from this year.Earlier in the year, it was announced that this year's theme would be "Back to the Lab", a spin-off of the popular Back to the Future films. The Department created exclusive limited-edition merchandise, which folks could order from the website, in support of lab staff.

"Lab Week is an amazing way to not only celebrate each other, but to get the word out to everyone about what we do every day," says Amy Drouillard, a Medical Technologist in the Microbiology lab. "It is a week of reflection, pride and community with each other." Christine Rigney, the Anatomic Pathology Operations Director said of Lab Week, "I really look forward to an entire week of showcasing and celebrating our entire team of laboratory professionals."

The week started off strong, as members of the Department had a chance to participate in a number of unique games and online activities, including bingo, crossword puzzles, word scramble, and a newly-minted lab history quiz. Tuesday kicked off the coloring contest and Wednesday hosted the virtual 5K run. On Thursday, the games continued, along with a Lunch & Learn event, sponsored by Donate Life. The week concluded with the lab tours, both virtual and in-person. Also on Friday was the 50's and 80's themed costume contest, where staff members could send in photos of their wacky outfits.

"This year's theme 'celebrating our past as we look into our future' resonated with me as I thought about the decades of laboratory leaders who have positioned us to become more visible", explains Kristina Martin, the Clinical Pathology Operations Director. "Visibility, awareness, and understanding are why Lab Week was created. Discussions around sensitivity and specificity of laboratory tests, probabilities, and proper collection technique were topics that likely were new to many homes."

Laboratory staff at the University Hospital.Although another epic installment of Lab Week is officially in the books, we'd like to thank our outstanding laboratory professionals all across the Department for their ongoing contributions and dedication to science, health and patient care each and every day.

"Let us all use this momentum to continue the conversation forward, educate the public with regards to our profession and our impact to patient care. This is our chance to continue what our predecessors started," concludes Martin. "I have a dream that one day, a kindergarten teacher asks their classroom what they want to be when they grow up, and at least one or more kids answer that they want to be a laboratory professional." 

The winners for Lab Week's daily activities are listed below. Please contact Lauren Branson to claim your prize.

Coloring Contest:

Rachel Salmon

Tracy Rocco

Joshi Hardik

Danielle Steinhebel

Allen Ano

Costume Contest

Kristina Martin

Doc Brown

Marty/Doc Duo

Crossword Puzzles

Katie Lozon

Tracy Rocco

Samantha Bialy

Gugu Bitz-Ramirez

Pam Kaur

Megan King

Kim Van Dine

Photo Contest

"A Walk Among the Moon"

"Roko the 007 Roko Bond"

"The Walk to Paradise by Alex"

"Chilling at the Beach"

"Microbiology Lab Submission"

"Nature of Life"

"Gift of the Creator"

Word Scramble

Tracy Rocco

Renee Stoklosa

Drew Bates

Sarah Guenther

Coretta Ealy

Sydney Dodde

Word Search

Coretta Ealy

Abby D’Angelo

Chris Lenton

Melissa Boyd

Tina Foss

Erin Rubley

Eri Tapalli


Lab History Quiz

Deirdre Fidler

Julene Pummill

Kate Ferguson

Jenean DeVaul

Jean Tarabul

Susan Fabio

Kristi Whebble


Bingo Lab Team Winners:

Game 1, Monday 4/25 6am, Winner: Specimen Processing

Game 2, Monday 4/25 9am, Winners: Pathology Informatics, Transfusion Medicine (Main Lab)

Game 3, Monday 4/25 10pm (ends next day), Winners: Brighton Health Center Phlebotomy, Specimen Processing 

Game 4, Tuesday 4/26 1pm, Winner: Microbiology/Virology

Game 5, Tuesday 4/26 8pm (ends next day), Winner: Immunopathology

Game 6, Wednesday 4/27 6am. Winner: Clinical Core Laboratory-Hematology

Game 7, Wednesday 4/27 4pm (ends next day), Winner: Transfusion Medicine (Main Lab)

Game 8, Thursday 4/28 5am, Winner: Administrative Offices

Game 9, Thursday 4/28 4pm (ends Friday), Winner: Microbiology/Virology

Game 10, Friday 4/29 6am, Winner: Cytopathology

Game 11, Friday 4/29 3pm, Winner: Clinical Core Laboratory (Chemistry)

Overall Winner: Transfusion Medicine (Main Lab)