Digital Pathology

ImageScope software

ImageScope is freeware, distributed by Leica Biosystems, that can open svs image files.  It allows “zooming” into images, annotation of images, and capture of regions of interest that can be exported as common image formats (JPG, TIFF) for further use in publications or PowerPoint presentations.



Two options:

  1. If you want ImageScope on a UM Core image device, the preferred way is to put in a HITS ticket for them to "provision" the software to it.  Email slidescanningserv[at] with your device's Terminal ID number. NOTE: this service is limited to Department of Pathology faculty, staff, and trainees.
  2. If other, there is a download link from Leica here:


Note:  as of January, 2022, Leica does not have a Macintosh-compatible version of ImageScope.  If you are a Macintosh user please go here for more information


Annotating Images

Areas of interest in a particular image can be called out using arrows, polygons, rectangles, text, etc.  Instructions are located here.