Digital Pathology

Why can’t I open svs image files in Photoshop?  Can you export my images as TIFFs or JPGs?


The SVS files that are generated from the scanning process are not “simple” image files.  They in fact contain multiple images (label image, overall slide thumbnail) and an information layer.  Therefore they cannot be opened in standard image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.


A software program called Digital Slide Studio can save SVS files as TIFF or JPG. I can guide Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology faculty and staff through its use upon request. However, users should be advised that the process can be time-consuming and the end result may be an image file that is equal or larger in size to the SVS file at the outset.  Compressing the image is possible but will result in loss of ability to zoom to high magnification.  Retaining appreciable levels of detail within the image will still result in an image file that is dozens or hundreds of megabytes in size.  


Users are encouraged to employ ImageScope to capture TIFF or JPG images that can be used in downstream publications or presentations.